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Real Sociedad score the own goal of the year

Calling the YouTube Hall of Fame, we have a submission.

There are own goals, there are hilarious own goals, there are terrible own goals and then there all-time great own goals.

Real Sociedad's is all four.

Just exquisite.

The skill required to chase down the lose ball and with full momentum taking him to the endline, turn the ball back towards the middle. The goalkeeper doesn't need more than one touch either, perfectly using his face to put it on goal.

The teamwork and passing at Barcelona is contagious and on the hallowed soil of the Camp Nou, Real Sociedad embraced the skill and style of those who had marveled on that ground before them.

Sources have told SB Nation that the YouTube Hall of Fame is debating whether to waive its five day waiting period and induct this own goal with immediate effect. We await their ruling.