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Locked out MLS referees publish burn book about replacement refs

I wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy.

The world of work stoppages is a lot like high school. The people are vindictive and just look for weak prey to attack. They also have people with way too much time on their hands thinking they're way smarter and more popular than they are.

And thus leads to the creation of the burn book, like the one put out by the Professional Soccer Referees Association about the replacement refs MLS hired for opening weekend.

William Anderson is a grotsky little byotch.

Andrew Bigelow is a fat virgin.

Dimitar Chavdarov. He made out with a hot dog.

And they deserve it, especially the ones who worked MLS matches before. Ex-boyfriends are off-limits to friends. That's just, like, the rules of feminism.

What PSRA burn book actually does is list every replacement referee and how few MLS matches he has officiated, as if that is the barometer of a good referee.

The burn book does raise a good question though. If all of the replacement refs are no good, non-MLS whistle blowers then why did they do as good of a job as the regulars on opening weekend?

Plus, every one of the replacement refs can read Swedish.