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Fabian Delph is the Scorpion King

The Aston Villa midfielder scored a half-amazing, half-fluke goal that handed Chelsea a bad loss on Saturday.

Bryn Lennon

Fabian Delph's late goal for Aston Villa gave the his side a 1-0 victory over 9-man Chelsea. It was a great goal, a pretty goal, we're just not completely sure that he knew what he was doing.

I'm not trying to be mean to Delph, it's a great goal but there was certainly some luck involved. Of course, when it's a match winner, who cares who ugly or pretty, lucky or skillful it is, as long as it goes in.

Take a look and decide for yourself. If you're a Chelsea fan, you'll probably want to just close this post immediately.


It's part amazing, part fluke, all match winner. Well done Mr. Delph, you can take a bow.