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Liverpool fans greet team bus with song of 'we're gonna win the league'

"We're gonna win the league."

For the last 10 years, Liverpool fans stood and cheered and booed for their team (mostly booed). They watched in agony as Rafael Benitez doomed the club, Roy Hodgson dug them a deeper hole and Kenny Dalglish gave them false hope. But finally, the Reds are back.

This revival is not lost on their fans, who have a team worth cheering for again. And with Liverpool just four points back of first place with a match in hand, their fans are as boisterous as ever.

That includes before the match, when hundreds of fans lined the road to great the team bus with flags, chants and songs of "We're gonna win the league."

Liverpool fans have never been short of confidence.

Note: It's 2014 and cell phone cameras are not new anymore. We have years of experience with these now so why the hell are people still filming things portrait instead of landscape. TURN YOUR CAMERAS SIDEWAYS.