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France recall classic crest and style for World Cup change kit

France's change kit is a beauty.

The midweek slate of international friendlies has brought with it the opportunity for a number of nations that will compete in this summer's World Cup to show off their new wares in a match setting. A number of the teams that will wear adidas and Puma have already one or both of their new kits to the public and now it's Nike's turn. Among the countries revealing their new gear is France with Les Bleus going to Brazil in white.


France's new away kit is, well, quintessentially French. The Marinière motif, a white design with narrow, horizontal hoops, makes its return for Les Bleus, having been absent for the last couple of years. This time, Nike have elected to skip the traditional blue color, opting instead for a more subtle gray. It is arguably one of the best shirts in the current kit cycle. Like its United States counterpart, the collar of France's away top had a pair of buttons to open or close the neck line but features a stand collar instead of the polo look.

France's kit also features a new (old) crest, embroidered on the left side of the chest. While the cockerel has been ever-present on France's kits, this time around, they have brought back a classic look that originally donned the team's kits in 1958.

The shirt will be paired with navy blue shorts and features the cooling technology that Nike is using on all of their World Cup kits including the laser-cut ventilation holes down the side, Dri-FIT fabric, and engineered mesh. The fabric has a vintage denim look to it with the look inspired by the fact that denim, which originated in Nimes (de Nimes, of Nimes), is a French innovation dating back to the 17th century.