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Puma launches kits for Uruguay, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Chile, Algeria, Switzerland, & Cameroon

SB Nation 2014 MLS preview

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The kit releases keep on coming. Puma had taken a step back from the spotlight after their Italy home and away kit unveiling but have once again moved center stage to show off kits for their other seven sponsored World Cup teams. With pretty much the whole footballing world participating in friendlies on Wednesday, it was as good a time as any to do the reveal with Urugay, Ivory Coast, Cameron, Chile, Algeria, Switzerland, Cameron, and Algeria finally getting their new looks.


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La Celeste debuted their new home kit against Austria in Klangenfurt. Like Italy's kit, Uruguay's new top features the awesome PWR ACTV technology (a theme present across all of Puma's offerings this cycle) that combines compression materials and ACTV tape placed throughout the shirt that, according to Puma, provides "micro-massages on the skin, working with the human body to help maximise performance and provide players with a faster, more effective energy supply to the active muscles."

The shirt uses Uruguay's traditional sky blue colorway for its body with gold accents running down the torso and surrounding the neck. The May Sun, the country's national emblem, is embossed behind the badge with inserts on the sleeves echoing the blue-and-white stripes of Uruguay's flag. The away shirt is white with light blue inserts and a different shape to the neck line, opting for a crew cut with v-shaped insert.


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Switzerland will wear a deep red kit to the tournament with a big but subtle cross emblazoned on the torso. The shirt features white accents running down the sides and on the sleeves with the country's flag on the left side of the chest, the Puma logo in the middle, and the badge on the right. The away kit is a reverse take on the home but also ditches the cross, instead opting for a very subtle square pattern.

Ivory Coast

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The Elephants will wear their traditional orange home kit, paired with orange shorts and orange socks. The shirt features a subtle pattern on the shoulders and under the arms that is inspired by traditional artwork, featuring the elephant. The away kit opts for the green present in the badge, using the same template and patterns. The away kti is paired with green shorts and socks.


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The Black Stars will once again have white as their primary color and that will prove to be a problem for the United States. When the two teams take each other on later this summer, Ghana are the home team and will elect to wear their white top, relegating the Americans to their away shirt. The home shirt features a vibrant pattern inspired by Kente Cloth that continues onto the sleeve inserts. The away shirt is a darker red, carrying that pattern through the entire torso, albeit with a more subtle effect.


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Chile will be going with a red shirt that carries white accents down the torso, on the sleeves, and around the neck. The shirt is capped off with a very nice blue collar and will be paired with blue shorts and socks. The away shirt is white with blue accents on the torso, sleeves, and neck with red outlining the collar.


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The Indomitable Lions will trot out in a patterned green kit that features traditional style with the lion taking center stage. The away shirt uses the same template and pattern except in a vibrant yellow color with red accents on the shoulders and sleeves.


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Last but not least are Les Fennecs. Algeria will wear a simple, white home kit with bright green accents to echo the colors of the nation's flag. The away shirt reverses the colors for a simple, understated, but instantly-recognizable look.