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Google Glass on the bench is too much

Technology continues to find its way into sports, but the arrival of Google Glass is clearly a bridge too far.

Technology is slowly becoming more and more a part of sports, and the world of soccer is no different. The arrival of goal-line technology at the international level, and in some leagues, is the most obvious example, but it hasn't stopped there.

Another good example is electronic sensors built into shoes and uniforms that are providing teams with new types of data to help them better train players and monitor their fitness Basically, technology is helping improve the way the game is played and also helping to ensure the correct calls are being made...and that's a good thing.

Unfortunately, not all technology finding its way onto the pitch is a positive step forward.

Enter Atlético Madrid assistant Germán Burgos, who was spotted Sunday on the bench during his team's match against Getafe wearing Google Glass.

Goal-line camera, sensors, tablets, that's all fine. Wearable technology that makes you look like a goober? No sir. Give this man a yellow card.