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Fan shows his butt to distract Diego Costa's penalty attempt

This is certainly a creative way to try and distract a player taking a penalty kick.

Atlético Madrid's Diego Costa had a penalty saved in the second half of his team's 2-0 win over Getafe on Sunday. The miss didn't effect the outcome, but it did provide us with a comedic moment.


Full moon fever.

Bad moon rising.

Full moon over my hammy.

I'll stop.

Personally, I don't think I could bare my cheeks in such a fashion, even in a valiant attempt to prevent the opposing team from scoring a goal. While we may never know if the blinding light off that "moon" caused Costa to misfire -- I'd love for someone to ask if he saw it -- the fan who executed this daring move can forever brag to his friends about he dropped his pants and stopped Diego Costa from scoring a penalty.

Well done sir.