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MLS defender throws a nasty elbow, then dives

It's the near perfect juxtaposition of violence and flopping.

Late in Sunday's match between the San Jose Earthquakes and the Columbus Crew, Chris Wondolowski and Giancarlo Gonzalez got into a minor tussle.

Gonzalez felt it would be a good idea to run up behind Wondo and knock him to the ground with a rather vicious elbow to his back. Wondo was understandably upset at the referee for not making a call, and with Gonzalez for running him over.

What happened next though was a 100 percent, USDA Grade A flop. Check it out for yourself thanks to Reddit.


Really? Throw an elbow into an opponent's back, walk up and push him again, and then collapse like you've been shot by a sniper when he has the "audacity" to push your hand away?

Shameful stuff really, and amusing too because it's just so absurd.

Neither player was punished during the match for the incident, but one expects the MLS Disciplinary Committee might take a look and decide that Gonzalez deserves some retroactive punishment. If you ask me, they should suspend him for the elbow and fine him for the flop ... but they won't ask me, which is probably for the better.