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Barcelona lose Neymar, Jordi Alba for 4 weeks

Two of Barcelona's best players will be out for most of the rest of the season, and will struggle to make the season finale against Atlético Madrid.

Denis Doyle

As if losing the Copa del Rey final to Real Madrid wasn't bad enough, Barcelona lost two of their best players in the process. Neymar and Jordi Alba both picked up injuries during the game, and they're expected to miss roughly four weeks apiece.

Neymar's injury is swelling on his left metatarsal, while Alba has injured his right hamstring. The good news for both players is that they should be fit by the time World Cup training comes around, but their absences seriously hurt Barca's title challenge in La Liga.

Because Barcelona have been knocked out of the Champions League, they only have five games remaining in their season. But they're pretty tricky, and their season finale could have title implications. They host Athletic Bilbao on the weekend, go away to Villarreal next week and play Atlético Madrid on the last day of the season. That match falls on May 18, so it's possible that Neymar and Alba could return by then.