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Netflix's first Spanish-language series to be a soccer comedy

Want comedy, go to Mexican soccer.

Hagen Hopkins

Netflix is set to launch its first Spanish-language original series and it's going to be a soccer comedy, according to Variety. The show, directed by Gaz Alazraki, will premiere in 2015.

The show will feature a family set to inherit a soccer club after the owner dies and the feuding between them as the wrest for control of the team. But while it may sound like a drama, or a melodrama, the show will reportedly be a comedy, which is perfect.

Liga MX features a blacklist for players who want to move freely, a player draft and owners meetings where multiple clubs can move and licenses are bought in sold, throwing the entire league into flux and it's done in a matter of hours. It is a comedy masquerading as a serious, multi-million dollar business.

And don't forget, Liga MX owners control the FMF and the national team. We could get a completely absurd four-manager year storyline!