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Nike's World Cup 2014 commercial 'Winner Stays' is excellent, as always

Aren't these always great?

The new Nike World Cup 2014 commercial is here. It's called "Winner Stays", and it's just as good as every other major soccer campaign that Nike runs.

Nike has a history of putting together really excellent commercials. "The Cage" is one of the best ad campaigns ever, "Take It To The Next Level" was one of the most unique ads anyone had ever seen when it came out, "Write The Future" was an awesome look at how much the World Cup matters to people.

You'll notice that none of those ads feature Neymar, Brazil's now-global superstar. But now that he's a Barcelona player and the World Cup is coming to his country, he's a Nike golden boy, featured on the same level as Cristiano Ronaldo. And we're totally fine with that, because watching Neymar do tricks in ads is great. Also, Nike foreshadowed this in "My Time Is Now".

No, shut up, YOU watch soccer ads on YouTube all day instead of doing work.