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Brendan Rodgers' favorite musician? Snoop Dogg

Game that's my thang and it ain't no rules when you in this game.

Brendan Rodgers likes to spend his free time playing golf and snooker. He also had a brief acting career, his favorite food is chicken milanese and his favorite artist is Snoop Dogg.

WAIT WHAT?! Skip to 1:16.

How does this not generate follow up questions? When Rodgers tells you his favorite artist is Snoop, there needs to be an entirely new line of questioning.

For example:

- Are you for rizzle?

- When the pimp's in the crib do you expect ma to drop it like it's hot?

- Have you ever had gin and juice?

- Who killed Tupac?

- How do you feel about Snoop being a Ajax, Barcelona and Manchester United fan before he was a Liverpool fan?

- In the mornings do you look in the mirror and say, "Mirror mirror, on the wall. Who is the top Dogg of them all?

- When is Dre finally going to drop Detox?

- Have you ever been to the LBC?