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Arda Turan buries Chelsea

And that'll do it for Chelsea in this edition of the Champions League. A Madrid Derby final now looks nearly certain after Arda Turan scored Atlético Madrid's third goal of the night, putting them up 3-1 on the night and on aggregate. The Blues now have just 20 minutes to score three goals, which they're probably not going to be able to do.

Here's the finish, which was great. Arda nearly scored a brilliant header, hit the bar, followed up on his own miss and finished off the play.

The Atléti winger was also questionable for this game thanks to a groin problem, but he's looked fully fit throughout this match.

It's also worth noting that this goal came on the end of a long passing move. The Atléti away fans could be heard shouting loud "OLE!"s after every pass over the silent home crowd, and they chanted all the way to an awesome goal.