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Antonio Di Natale scores hat trick in final match

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Goodbye, Toto.

Antonio Di Natale's wonderful 18-year career came to an end on Saturday, not that he has to call it quits. The 36-year-old striker, who announced he would retire after the season, went out on a hat trick, scoring all three Udinese goals in the season finale.

It started with a magnificent free kick, the perfect way for Di Natale to go out.

Di Natale would go on to score two more goals and cap off his career wonderfully.

Toto was always an unusual striker -- checking in at just 5'7'' -- but nobody in Serie A was as adept as bringing down a long ball and volleying home. Maybe more amazing was that Di Natale's best seasons came late in his career. He led Serie A in scoring in 2009-10 and 2010-11, at the age of 32 and 33. In fact, all five of his 20+ goal seasons came after his 32nd birthday.

You don't have to go, Toto.

We will miss you.