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2014 AT&T Goal of the Week Nominees: Week 11

Obafemi Martins's ridiculous chip over Jon Busch, Federico Higuain's equally audacious scoop over Donovan Ricketts, Vincent Nogueira's stinging missile past Brad Knighton, Jermain Defoe's upper-90 rocket past a helpless Luis Robles, and Chris Tierney's curling free kick past Zac MacMath all compete for AT&T Goal of the Week for Week 11.

Every now and again MLS is capable of reminding the world that there's some pretty decent soccer being played in the United States these days. This was one of those weeks.

Just take a look at the the Goal of the Week nominees above. There are at least two goals in there that would be considered world class in any league and there are three others that would be justifiable winners in any other week.

But let's talk about the two goals that will surely be battling it out for this week's honor and will likely be among the favorites to win the MLS Goal of the Year.

First, there's Obafemi Martins simply unbelievable chip over Jon Busch, whose reaction sums it up perfectly. It's not just that it was from a half-volley, that it was hit without breaking stride, that he was shielding a defender while doing it or even the extreme angle. It's all of those things AND the fact that he even thought to try it. You may watch soccer for the rest of your life and never see anything quite like it again.

In its own way, Federico Higuain's chip from about 25 yards is just as impressive. Sure, you've seen similar goals before and maybe even more impressive chips. But there's something about the way he does it and how easy he makes it look, as if he could line these up all day and keep doing it. There's a skill and repeatability there that Martins' goal can't quite match.

So go vote and cast it for either Martins or Higuain without feeling any guilt. Just don't vote for anyone else.