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The best bicycle kick goals come from Laos

What, you weren't watching Turkmenistan vs. Laos? You missed out.

Everyone knows the world's best football comes in the AFC Challenge Cup and that anyone who doesn't watch it is a sucker so when Khampheng Sayavutthi hit that incredible bicycle kick, the world was watching.

The world saw a man whose chance at goal was spoiled by a deflection. The world saw a man who should have given up on the ball. The world saw a man who contorted his body, flung it in the air and swung his left foot wildly. The world saw a goal that still makes no sense.

Of course, Laos would go on to lose the match, 5-1, but their one was way cooler than Turkmenistan's five so that counts as a win, right?

H/T 101GG