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Italy preparing for World Cup by training in sauna

It's getting hot in herre.

Claudio Villa

It gets hot in Brazil, but more than anything, it gets humid.

You know what also gets hot and humid? A sauna!

Italy, figuring both Brazil and a sauna are hot and humid, are conducting some training in a sauna so they will be prepared for what awaits them at the World Cup. This plan is foolproof.

"We are working in a sauna which is helping us prepare for the Manaus temperatures," Ciro Immobile said at a Press conference.

"We have done a day and a half at high intensity and we are preparing very well for the World Cup. We want to go there with maximum desire and intensity.

"What happens in the sauna? Nothing strange! We are doing specific training in order to help us acclimatize."

Italy, the rebels that they are, have no regard for the signs that say physical exercise in a sauna can be dangerous.

Most of the clubs going to the World Cup, especially those going to play in Manaus, have opted to just hold training in hot and humid climates or travel to Brazil early. But Italy isn't any country, ever.

We are awaiting confirmation that Andrea Pirlo's beard was not endangered by Italy's sauna training.