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Awful howler in final sends Fleetwood Town into League 1

There are bad times to screw up and then there's the worst time. This is the latter.

You're playing in a promotion final at Wembley and it's the 75th minute of a scoreless match. The other team has a free kick and you, the goalkeeper, decide to come out and collect it, but NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.

And with that, Dean Lyness becomes the most despised/sad person in Burton Albion history. Fleetwood Town went on to win, 1-0, so Lyness put them into League 1 and doomed Burton to League 2 all by himself.

Big ups to Lyness for trying, but next time, maybe try a little less. And don't play in a final. And don't play at Wembley. And don't have the Internet around so it can be on a loop forever.

Poor Lyness.