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Incredible World Cup commercial features trapped Chilean miners urging on Chile team

The most stirring World Cup commercial contest is over.

In 2010, 33 miners were trapped in Chile and spent 69 days underground. It was the longest any miners had ever been trapped and survived, with them finally being rescued as the world watched.

The miners quickly became national heroes for their bravery and now, they are hoping to pass some of that along to Chile's World Cup team. In a commercial for Banco de Chile, the miners returns to the mine, where Mario Sepulveda gave an impassioned speech, telling the Chile team "nothing is impossible."

"My message to our Chile team is that we’re going to win. They have the talent and a whole country behind them and they must battle until the end. There are harder things in life and you can conquer them."

The miners scooped up dirt from the land and put them in jars, which will be taken to each match Chile plays in the World Cup and spread around the field.

Chills on chills on chills.