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James Wilson's parents lose it when 18-year-old scores two in Manchester United debut

Meet the two happiest people in the world.

There were only two people in the world more excited than James Wilson when the 18-year-old scored two goals in his Manchester United debut.

Wilson's parents.

His mom couldn't handle it long before Wilson even scored a goal.

But then the kid scored and Wilson's dad's lost it.

And it's not like the match was available on television or they could have asked the club for a DVD of the match, so Wilson's dad made sure he would have his own proof that his son played for Manchester United.

At this point, Wilson's parents were living the dream. They hadn't just seen their son play for Manchester United at Old Trafford, they had seen him score.

But then he scored again. He was 18 years old and had a brace for the Red Devils in his debut. It was so amazing that his parents needed to see it again to believe it happened.

There you have it: the two happiest (and proudest) people in the entire world.