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Lucky goldfish kept Millwall from relegation

The Millwall Lions are dead. All hail the Millwall Fish.

Why did Millwall avoid relegation? A goldfish, duh.

The Lions looked doomed for the drop in early April when Millwall supporter Tommy Pratt bought a goldfish. From that point on, Millwall didn't lose a single match and staved off relegation on the final day.

"The fish has been everywhere with us - it came out to dinner a few weeks ago," Millwall defender Alan Dunne told News at the Den. "It became funnier and funnier after every game because we were still unbeaten and the fish was still alive and going strong.

"The fish has been our lucky mascot."

When Millwall manager Ian Holloway was asked about the fish, he joked, "Maybe we should get some Koi carp for the training ground!"

Except no, it shouldn't be a joke. The fish is their savior. They need to drop the Lions nickname, adopt the fish, change the name of The Den to The Fishbowl and they will be Premier League champions in no time.

A statue relegated Fulham and a fish saved Millwall. Football!

Story via News at Den