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Fan runs in front of Chile bus, almost gets hit

Because apparently this requires saying: do not run in front of a bus.

Let's start with this: running in front of a bus is bad.

Buses are large. People are not.

Buses move fast. People do not.

In a fight between a bus and a person, the bus will win.

So when a bus is flying down the street you shouldn't run in front of it, no matter how much you love the World Cup team that is on the bus. That includes you, girl who wants nothing more than to get on the Chile bus.

You see, your running in front of the bus meant that: 1) You would get hit by the bus. 2) The bus would have to slam on the brakes, possibly causing an accident and hurting the players on the bus you love so much. 3) The bus driver would manage to stop before hitting you and keep the bus under control so you could be the luckiest person ever.

Chile girl is the luckiest person ever. And the dumbest.