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Landon Donovan stars in hilarious World Cup video from home

Hilarious LA Galaxy video shows Donovan all alone in the team offices, answering phones and playing foosball.

Landon Donovan has always had an understated sense of humor. Whether it was his ad for the Mexican lottery or his impromptu decision to wear some shades during the Gold Cup, Donovan has at least shown that he "gets it," even if he can sometimes come off as a bit aloof in interviews. Keeping with that theme, Donovan showed tons of humility and a real sense of the moment with his video that presumes to answer what he's doing to occupy himself during the World Cup.

Donovan is answering phones in an empty LA Galaxy office. With the main line ringing off the hook and his cell phone blowing up, Donovan understandably throws his hands up in frustration before playing a game of 1-on-none foosball. What makes it so great is not just the set-up, which is pretty good, but all the little details. Donovan is wearing a full United States kit, No. 10 and all; the background on his computer is the infamous New York Times Magazine water-fountain shot; the Donovan bobble-head on his desk; and the replica MLS Cup trophy (circa 1999-2007).

If Donovan can pull of this kind of dead-pan pan humor during his stint as a ESPN commentator, we're all in for quite a treat.