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Claudio Marchisio, Daniel Sturridge trade goals

The last time England and Italy played, it was an awful bore. This time around? It couldn't be any more fun. Claudio Marchisio fired Italy ahead with a great set piece goal, but Daniel Sturridge came up with an instant reply, and it's 1-1 after 37 minutes.

England's defending on the Marchisio goal was ... uhh ... not good.

But England's response was instant. Notable here: Wayne Rooney actually did a thing!

And suddenly, this game is much more interesting than it has any interest being, which is a bit of a theme in this World Cup. Costa Rica weren't supposed to challenge Uruguay either, and Australia weren't supposed to challenge Chile.

With England and Italy heading into halftime, both coaches are probably going to make pretty serious adjustments. The Azzurri are getting torched on the counter, while England can't defend set plays and are allowing Andrea Pirlo all kinds of space.