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Ivory Coast net two goals in three minutes

Japan were up a goal and in control until Didier Drogba came on for the Ivory Coast. He hasn't scored, but his mere presence has terrified the Japan defense, opening up all kinds of lanes for his teammates to attack into. And they've taken advantage, scoring twice in three minutes -- with both goals coming within five minutes of Drogba entering the match.

The first was scored by Wilfried Bony, and if he hadn't gotten on the end of this cross, Drogba would have been there.

A couple minutes later, Gervinho struck with a nice header, though the goalkeeping could have been a whole lot better.

It's worth noting that both goals came from the exact same source: Ivory Coast right back Serge Aurier. He's been a huge threat down the right flank all game long and his crosses just needed to find their targets. With extra bodies in the box, they're proving effective.