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Watch Switzerland's 93rd minute winning goal

Haris Seferovic stuns everyone.

Switzerland and Ecuador were tied 1-1 going into stoppage time, and a draw wouldn't have been a horrible result for either. But they both went for it, and this was the result.

What a run and composed finish by Haris Seferovic. The defending is really poor by Ecuador, but that's still an awesome run. Even if the defenders and goalkeeper should have done better, he'd have a good chance against good defending with a run like that.

This was made extra dramatic by the fact that Ecuador had a huge chance to win the game for themselves just 30 seconds earlier, and they were apparently too stunned by their failure to score to get back on defense.

Also notable is that this game was won entirely by Ottmar Hitzfeld's excellent substitutions. Admir Mehmedi came on at halftime and scored two minutes later, then Seferovic netted the winner just over 15 minutes after he entered the game.