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Clint Dempsey only needed 30 seconds to score

Real recognize real, don't tread on this.

Clint Dempsey was already an American hero, but now he's a real American hero. He's scored just 30 seconds into the United States' game against Ghana.


There's been a lot of talk leading up to this game about how the USA and Ghana are evenly matched, and that it would be tough to predict who would win. But the USA just blew the barn doors off inside the first minute, with Dempsey producing a magical goal. How about that skill to get that shot, and the finish? Insane. It doesn't get much better than that.

Given how arrogant Ghana was going into this game, this has to be a wake-up call. They announced their lineup hours before the game, and it's an attacking one, with just two midfielders -- Michael Essien and Kevin-Prince Boateng were dropped. After that, Ghana are almost certainly regretting going with such a thin midfield. What a shocking opener.