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How does the United States advance out of World Cup Group G?

Want to figure out how the United States can get out of Group G? We can help.

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

Update: Latest scenarios after Germany-Ghana draw

With the United States beating Ghana 2-1 in a tense, exciting opening match, and Germany demolishing Portugal 4-0 in a match that was neither tense nor exciting, it's clear which two teams are in the driver's seat in Group G. But how will the rest of the games play out?

The United States takes on a depleted Portugal on June 22. By the time they kick off, Germany's match against Ghana will be more than a day old. Let's lay out the scenarios they could be looking at.

1) Germany wins. Germany are on six points, Ghana and Portugal on zero points. If this happens and the United States get a result (a draw or a win) against Portugal, Germany automatically qualify for the knockout round, although not necessarily as Group G winners. If the United States and Germany both win their second games, they both qualify for the group stage, knocking out Ghana and Portugal.

2) Germany draws. Germany are on four points, one ahead of the United States, Ghana are on one and Portugal are on zero. This scenario would allow the United States to top the group and guarantee qualification for the second round with a win against Portugal. A draw would keep them behind Germany but then leave both the USA and Germany needing only one point from the last game to secure qualification -- and they play each other in the third game.

3) Germany loses. (Settle down people, we realize this is a highly unlikely scenario so cool your jets.) This would throw the group into potential chaos. Germany, Ghana and the United States would all be on three points. A win or a tie against Portugal would put the United States atop the group, but neither would guarantee them a top two spot and would set up a potentially huge finale against Germany. In this scenario, the U.S. could still be knocked out  if a loss to Germany were combined with Ghana beating Portugal.