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Uruguay's World Cup chances crippled by a lack of dessert

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In 2010, Uruguay were permitted to keep their stash of dulce de leche, and went on to make it to the semi-finals. In 2014, their jars were confiscated at the border, and la celeste fell in their first match. Coincidence?

Laurence Griffiths

Uruguay's first World Cup let-down? No, it wasn't losing 3-1 to Costa Rica (of all teams). It was the Brazilian authorities' seizure of 86 pounds of dulce de leche.

We'll let that sink in for a moment, much like oozy caramel goodness soaking into a giant slice of double chocolate cake. 86 pounds! According to the BBC, it's unclear as to whether one person was carrying the entire lot, or if each player had a few jars over which he assumed complete and total responsibility.

Either way, the authorities clamped down, and until Uruguay produce the relevant documents, they're not getting their sweetened paste returned. That, or they'll just have to pick it up on the way out of town.

You can just imagine a customs official saying that with a smirk, can't you? Particularly after la celeste's performance in their first match.

Meanwhile, fans are blaming the lack of milky, sweetened goodness for Uruguay crumbling. Nothing to do with age or unwillingness to adapt their tactics - it's just a lack of appropriate sugar. After all, South Africa looked the other way, and look how well Uruguay did in 2010!

Someone should really let the Uruguay squad know that doce de leite is Portuguese for dulce de leche.