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World Cup tiebreakers are confusing for everyone

Is it better for Japan if Colombia win or the Ivory Coast win? The Japanese don't seem to have clue.

One thing everyone agrees upon is that Greece is not getting out of Group C. That means it's down to Colombia, Ivory Coast and Japan for two spots, and the Samurai Blue are on the outside looking in after an opening-match loss. That put the Japanese fans in an awkward spot: The Cafeteros and Elephants square off on Matchday 2, and those watching are spending their time fighting among themselves about who they should be hoping to win.

When Colombia got a chance, a handful of Japanese fans started to cheer. That drew the ire of another handful.

They started yelling at each other -- being an unworldly American, I do not know Japanese and have no idea what they were saying -- and engaging in combative cheering. At some point they were counting points, and doing so on their fingers, pointing at them animatedly.

It is now the 30th minute and they're still arguing. Half are cheering for Colombia and half are cheering for the Ivory Coast. Unfortunately, I don't know the Japanese word for draw and am thus unable to defuse the tension.

National unity!