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Greece are melting down

Even though they're always the worst team to watch at whatever tournament they qualify for and not terribly effective at grinding out results when they get there, Greece continue to do well enough in World Cup and Euro qualifying that we have to watch them at major finals, and once again, they're letting everyone down. They've held Japan at bay through 40 minutes, but everything else is going wrong.

First, striker Kostas Mitroglou got substituted off injured, to the surprise of no one. He was so unfit upon arrival at Fulham that he only made three appearances in half a season for the club as they got relegated. Then, shortly afterwards, captain Konstantinos Katsouranis picked up a second yellow card and got sent off.

Not only does everyone have to watch the rest of this game, they have to watch Greece play one more game as well. They'll probably try to defend and end up losing 1-0 or 2-0 to the Ivory Coast. Then they can go away.