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With a juggle, a pass and a volley, the Timbers take MLS Goal of the Year lead

Oh my word.

There are great strikes and there are great passes.

Often, the best goals have one of the two. It may be a guy hitting an amazing shot from 30 yards or an incredible pass that leaves his teammate with a tap-in and they are sublime.

But how about a great trap, and volley, and pass, and finish. All of those in one.

Say hello to Fanendo Adi and Will Johnson of the Portland Timbers, who combined to do all of that in one goal. One amazing goal that will blow your mind.

Long ball, check.

Great skill, check.

Smart run, check.

Fantastic pass, check.

Gorgeous finish, check.

This is all aspects of soccer in one goal. It is perfection and you shall bow to it.

Note: Bow to the goal, not the Timbers, because Portland lost again and probably aren't going to the playoffs so don't get too attached or things will get awkward.