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A France fan takes a drunken swim in the Atlantic

Have you ever seen a France fan so drunk that he walked fully clothed into the Atlantic Ocean and flapped around in the surf for 10 minutes? If you haven't, you should have been at Ponta Negra beach late Friday night.

Said fan, presumably celebrating his team's annihilation of Switzerland, was so drunk he had severe difficulty with walking in a straight line. Choosing, then, to amble down the beach was only going to end badly. And so it proved: within minutes he was in the water.

Bizarrely, ending up in the ocean didn't faze the man at all. He didn’t bother to take his jersey, scarf or glasses off. He didn’t bother to take his phone or wallet out of his pants. He just kept on walking, deeper and deeper, slowly immersing himself into the sea.

The good news is the man couldn’t keep his balance long enough to make it much more than waist deep. He skipped around, got taken out by waves, then flapped about as though he was swimming, even though his knees were on the seabed and he wasn’t going anywhere. At one point, he turned to face the horizon just as a big wave came in and got hit square in the face. His glasses flew off and washed away.

Even in his absolutely hammered state, he took that as a sign to get out of the water.

So the France fan got up and started walking back to dry land. He fell twice along the way, but he made it, then walked off the beach and towards his hotel.

All in a day’s celebration. It will be fun when he wakes up wondering where his glasses are, why his phone is broken and why his bed is soaking wet.