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We found the drunk French guy who walked into the ocean again

On Friday night I encountered a France fan who decided to take a swim in the ocean. With all of his clothes on (glasses and all).

It take a certain level of celebration to get someone to that sort of state, and I hope it was worth it because I found him again on Saturday and he looked horrible.

Have you ever imagined a zombie on the verge of tears? Because that is what the France fan looked like.

His hair was a mess, he had giant bags under his bloodshot eyes and couldn't even walk -- he was just aimlessly shuffling about, twice almost bumping his neighbors. And since the Atlantic Ocean claimed his glasses for its own, he couldn't even read his watch properly: the only way he could tell the time was to bring his wrist to within an inch or three of his eye. He's kind of screwed on that one.

Happy Saturday, France fan!