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Lionel Messi rescues Argentina with stoppage time wondergoal

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Argentina nearly drew against Iran, but then Lionel Messi showed up.

We were kinda pulling for Iran. They were sorta parking the bus, but they had some counter attacks that had Argentina backpedaling. For 90 minutes, you could argue Iran were better than Argentina.

Then, Lionel Messi happened:


It was gorgeous goal from perhaps the greatest player alive. Iran had 11 players out there for 90 minutes, but a few seconds from an elite star got three points for Argentina.

And arguably the best part about this? That Lionel Messi wasn't very good for most of the game. He did almost nothing to set up scoring chances for himself or his teammates and was actually pickpocketed quite easily by Iran's midfielders in the first half. If he hadn't come up with this goal, he would have been the major scapegoat for a terrible Argentina performance, and deservedly so. But he's great because he can do things like this, at any time, and in this case he did it when his team needed him most.