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Netherlands vs. Chile matters more than you might think

The Netherlands and Chile may have guaranteed their progression into the knockout stages, though their clash in São Paulo isn't without importance.

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

The Netherlands and Chile have both already guaranteed their progression into the World Cup's knockout stages from Group B, though their meeting in São Paulo today certainly isn't without importance. The order these teams finish in the group will determine who they play in the Round of 16, with the losing side will likely to face tournament hosts Brazil.

The way the competition is structured means the winner of Group A -- which will be Brazil if they see off Cameroon later today -- will play the runner-up of Group B. As it stands that'd be Brazil vs. Chile, though if Chile defeat the Netherlands, it'd be the Brazil facing Louis van Gaal's Oranje instead. If Chile and the Netherlands draw, Brazil would face Chile in the Round of 16, and the Netherlands would play the runner-up in Group B -- either Mexico or Croatia.

Brazil may not have impressed at the World Cup so far, though they're still a much more formidable opponent than Mexico or Croatia. In all likelihood the hosts will grow into the tournament and raise their game against better sides, and it'd be a surprise to see them eliminated in the first knockout round. So, expect Chile to throw caution to the wind against the Dutch, as a win would give them a much easier knockout stage ride.