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Uruguay fans hate the wave

The wave is awful. It is not something fans do in support of their team or their player. It is not in response to anything during the match. It has no purpose whatsoever and has nothing to do with soccer. Or any sport, really.

And Uruguay fans agree.

Brazilians love the wave and have been trying to get it going at every match in the tournament. When asked why, most had no reason for liking it. The closest anyone came to explaining it was a man who probably needs to have more fun in life and said, "it’s just fun."

On Monday, the wave was back at Arena das Dunas, but it died a quick death every time the Brazilians tried it. That’s because when it got to the Uruguayan section, they refused to do it. One large man yelled, "estupido" when it came by the rest hurled expletives at the Brazilian section next to them who started it. Even the few Uruguayans who tried it were yelled at.

The wave will never die a just death. It will continue in Brazil, the U.S., Mexico and pretty much everywhere else, but the Uruguayans are doing their part. They are the heroes sports need.