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Luis Suarez's lawyer says 'We're going to use all arguments possible'

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Luis Suárez's lawyer went on Uruguayan radio and laid out an...interesting defense for his client.

With Luis Suárez potentially facing a heavy suspension from FIFA after he bit Giorgio Chiellini during Uruguay's win over Italy on Tuesday, it was inevitable that his lawyer would surface eventually. Sure enough, on Wednesday, Alejandro Balbi took to the radio in Uruguay to defend his client.

It should be noted before we begin that Mr. Balbi is not only Suarez's lawyer, he's also a member of the board for the Uruguayan Football Association.

Ah yes, the conspiracy card is thrown out in the opening salvo. Obviously, this is all a witch hunt against Suarez because nobody likes him, and because Italy are a big European country that was knocked out of the World Cup. It couldn't be because the video evidence appears to show Suarez biting Chiellini. It also couldn't be because Suarez has bitten another player on two other occasions either, or the fact he racially abused Patrice Evra.

Apparently it's acceptable for Suarez's teeth to "scratch" Chiellini because Suarez also has an eye injury? If that eye was so hurt, why was he clutching his teeth after the incident?

Oh good, another conspiracy card! Obviously because Brazil and Uruguay are rivals, the host nation CLEARLY wants to make sure that La Celeste don't have their best attacking player available to them for the rest of the tournament. It couldn't be because he bit another human being. Nope, no chance. Balbi is right that Suarez is a "rock in the shoe for many". He's a rock on the shoe of all the players who have to wonder if they'll be the next guy to get bit by him.

Good plan Mr. Balbi. A couple conspiracy theories, the 'my guy was hurt too' argument, you'll do great.