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Portugal vs. Ghana, 2014 World Cup: How to watch online

Portugal and Ghana both will be looking to win in a blow out, meaning fun may well ensue for neutrals. Here's how to watch on line.

SB Nation's 2014 World Cup Bracket'

The Group of Death has not been particularly kind to Ghana or Portugal. The two teams came in with high hopes of advancement but are so far winless in their first two games. Now, they both will come in knowing they will probably need a multi-goal on Thursday in Brasilia in order to secure advancement.

Portugal's situation is particularly dire as they need to overturn a rather enormous goal-difference deficit. At -4 through their first two games, Portugal is basically five goals behind the United States. That means they probably need the United States to lose to Germany by a couple goals in order to really have hope and then blow out Ghana.

Ghana only trails the United States two goals, but they'll need to do better than pulling even on goal-difference in order to move on. Due to losing their head-to-head match with the USA that means Ghana either need a multi-goal loss from the USA or a one-goal loss coupled with their own multi-goal win.

To put it another way, both teams are probably going to want to pile up goals. This could get fun.

If you're watching in the USA, you have a couple options for watching he match online. Watch ESPN has an English language feed of the match, as long as you're provided access to the service through your cable or internet provider. They'll also have a tactical camera available as well. If Watch ESPN isn't an option, you can watch a Spanish language feed on Univision En Vivo.

In the UK, you can watch on the ITV Player, while CBC Sports will have a stream available in Canada. There are listings available for other countries as well at Live Soccer TV