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James Rodriguez with the best goal of the World Cup?

Is this legal?

James Rodriguez scored in his first three World Cup games and looked to be rivaling Lionel Messi and Neymar for the Golden Ball. After this goal, he might be the favorite.

This goal put Colombia 1-0 up on Uruguay, and it came out of virtually nothing. The Colombians had been passing the ball around for the better part of a minute and were having no problems keeping possession, but looked to have no idea how to break down the wall of blue in front of them. They didn't have to, because James decided to just bypass everything.

As usual, Colombia busted out their signature dance.

Up until this point, Rodriguez had a knack for scoring his goals late. He scored the opener against the Ivory Coast in the 64th minute, but his other two goals came in stoppage time. Colombia will be happy that they don't have to sweat about struggling to score for a while in this game, and that might be the best goal of the tournament thus far.