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An Algerian referee will work USA vs. Belgium

This will be the third World Cup match for Algerian referee Djamel Haimoudi.

Ian Walton

FIFA has selected Algerian referee Djamel Haimoudi to be the man in charge of Tuesday's Round of 16 match between the United States and Belgium.

This will be Haimoudi's third match at the 2014 World Cup, with his first two assignments being group stages matches between the Netherlands 3-2 win against Australia, and Costa Rica's scoreless draw against England. Neither match had any memorable negative officiating moments, though there was some debate about a penalty he awarded to Australia.

No doubt some conspiracy theorist will enjoy pointing out that FIFA SURELY put an Algerian referee on the USA match so he can get revenge for the American's defeat of the Fennec Foxes at the 2010 World Cup.

One can only imagine though what might happen if a controversial decision from Haimoudi ends up being the difference between on Tuesday.

We'll start making tinfoil hats, just in case.