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England gives media lineups with players' passport numbers

Want to steal an England player's identity? Just cover an England match.

Richard Heathcote

An hour before England played Ecuador in a friendly, a team sheet was distributed to all members in the press box, which is completely normal. The starters and substitutes were separated and then there was the players' names, birth dates and passport numbers.

Yes, passport numbers.

England thought that would be a good thing to hand out to the media because stories normally read, "The 28-year-old Wayne Rooney crossed for Daniel Sturridge, passport number 739-293-283, to put England 1-0 up."

And the media, being the media, was not okay with not being the dumbest ones in the room so some member decided to tweet out a photo of the team sheet with the passport numbers very visible. Welcome to 2014, where one person can always use technology to be dumber than the dumb person next to them.

The good news is that nobody in their right mind would actually want an England players' identity.