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Man storms field, scores amazing goal by putting himself in the net

Now that's an own goal! (I'm sorry)

"He's free down the left. Wow, look at him cut in with such pace. This is a brilliant run.


"This is sublime. It's just him and the goal, and ... perfect! He's found the side netting. That is one of the best goals you will ever see, one to tell the children about. Take a bow, son."

Today's Goal of the Day comes from Budapest, where Hungary beat Albania, 1-0, and the best play didn't come as part of the match. Or with a ball.

It was the ultimate own goal. A stroke of brilliance. And then he ran away from the stewards with far less pace, exposing him to be a less-than-world-class-athlete.

But he'll always have that one moment. He'll have that one run. That one finish. That one time he set the world ablaze and found glory in the back of the net.

H/T 101GG