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Javier Zanetti's still got it, scores 30-yard rocket in legends match

Come back, Javier.

Javier Zanetti is 40 years old. He's retired. He's moved on.

He's still got it.

Like lining up a 30-yard shot in a legends match and hitting an absolute bullet still got it. Like a little smile, a hug from teammates and continuing about playing because he is Javier Zanetti and since the age of 20 has always been the coolest guy on the pitch still got it.

Zanetti is going to be a vice-president at Inter and will probably be great at that because he's great at everything -- basically, he's a saint -- but he doesn't have to. He can keep playing. He can stay on our TV screens each week. He can make us smile.

Please, Javier. We're not ready to let you go.

Then again, we never will.