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The campaign to put Zinedine Zidane on the France World Cup team

Vive la Zidane.

Zinedine Zidane is 41 years old and has been retired since 2006 (yes, it's really been eight years and yes, you are old). He's an assistant for Real Madrid and, if you believe reports, has offers to be a manager.

But what if he returned?

What if he could still do step overs that left opponents on the ground? You know, like he did yesterday.

And what if he could still score great goals, using a quick step to create space and then ripping a shot? Also like he did yesterday.

If he could still do all that, could he go to the World Cup? Could he still shine for France?

There is only one way to find out -- put him on the roster.

Maybe someone new gets hurt. Look, there's an open spot on the roster and hey, Zidane is eligible to play for France. They'll just pick that Zidane fella to fill the final roster spot.

This can happen. This can make our dreams come true.

So Zidane is 41 years old. He's still got it. He'll have it when he's 81 years old so 41 is no problem.

Didier Dechamps, we've never asked much of you, but we are asking for this. Give us our Zidane back.

Note: Any claims that Zidane was playing in a legends match against other old people so of course he was good will be ignored. So will claims that he was given a three-match suspension for his headbutt in the 2006 World Cup final and thus wouldn't even be able to play in the group stage. We will have none of it and your logic is not welcomed here.