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Jose Mourinho runs off the bench to make a tackle

Jose Mourinho is the best.

Soccer Aid is a wonderful event that allows people to pack Old Trafford and watch their favorite players and celebrities play in a match for charity. But even more importantly, it is a chance to watch Jose Mourinho get stuck in.

Yes, Mourinho got stuck in.

He ran off of his bench and tackled Olly Murs*, then scampered back to the technical area with a smile. And Mourinho was taking the match seriously too, eschewing the track jacket and putting on his best suit.

So let it be known: Mourinho's short and unimpressive career as a player was not for lack of skill. He quit because he knew he was a better manager than a player.

But he can still get stuck in. STUCK IN.

He didn't need to buy Nemanja Matic. He could have put himself in the midfield.

How are you feeling, Mou?


* Apparently, Olly Murs is a singer-songwriter who finishing runner up in X-Factor one time. The more you know.