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Dan Kennedy's double-save against Galaxy was ridiculous

Chivas USA goalkeeper first makes a sprawling save to keep out Landon Donovan's blast then he dives back across to foil Galaxy again.

There are clearly worse ways to spend your time than playing professional soccer under virtually no pressure in Southern California. So, let's not all go feeling too bad for poor Dan Kennedy. But the reality is that it's sometimes easy to forget that he's a really good goalkeeper playing on a perpetually awful team.

Every now and again, though, Kennedy makes sure to remind the world that he's still criminally under appreciated. Sunday against the LA Galaxy was one of those times.

As the video above shows, Kennedy didn't just make a double-save, he made two amazing saves. First, he somehow manages to get just enough of Landon Donovan's screamer to deflect it off the post. But the ball comes right back to Marcelo Sarvas, who's waiting on the doorstep and gets quite a bit on his diving header.

Against virtually any other goalkeeper, that's probably an uncontested goal. But Kennedy somehow manages to recover and stop Sarvas' shot. Amazing stuff.