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Blackpool cancel preseason tour because they don't have enough players

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Blackpool can't go play in Spain. They don't have a team.

Chris Brunskill

Blackpool were supposed to spend their preseason in Spain, training and playing two friendlies, but that's off. And it's not because of some organizational issue or a shady promoter. They just don't have enough players.

The Seasiders' Championship season starts in less than four weeks, but they only have eight players under contract. They don't have a single goalkeeper and only one midfielder. That's not exactly conducive to training.

"Our time is better spent preparing here than going to Spain," chairman Karl Oyston told the club's website.

He and the rest of the club decided that they were probably better off trying to sign players than hanging out in Spain. That is probably a good idea. Rumor has it that having players is a pretty integral part of fielding a successful football team.

Update: Here's Blackpool's lineup for their July 19 friendly against Penrith.