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Which country won the World Cup of World Cup fans?

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Vote for the best fans at the World Cup!

Germany has won the World Cup, there is still one more competition to be had. Which country had the best fans?!

Below are some fans from every country. Take note of effort, passion, stupidity and then vote for your favorite fans at the bottom!

Group A


At first glance, this looks only like a video of a child crying as his team is ripped to shreds. I thought this too. Then, I looked again, and saw that while he was crying, he was collecting his tears in a cup that will forever serve as his lifelong Hate-orade, a beverage that when consumed will help him overcome his haters and obstacles. Strong resilience from a strong fan.

Then there was the class-act from one of Brazil's other sad fans, who gave away his beloved World Cup trophy replica when his team lost.


Cameroon's team nickname is the Indomitable Lions. Lion's are scary animals. This Cameroon fan, wore a lion mask dressed like a clown and scared the crap out of me. Sadly, his Lions were a lot less formidable on the field.


The only thing to say about the Croatia fans is that they do a remarkably good job of looking like table cloths. Croatia also had the most laid back fan at the World Cup, who can be seen throughout the video (but mostly after the first minute) keeping to the side of a fight in the crowds like a boss while enjoying his cigarette.


This Mexico fan showed what it looks like to be a fan of an amazing goalie, and gave us the best Surprise Face of the tournament.


When her team lost to the Netherlands in the Round of 16, some of her compatriots decided to make a piñata version of Arjen Robben's dive that won the game. Hopefully they hit it apart rather soon, because it is downright creepy.

Group B


Warning: the following picture contains very ugly clothes. While this guy might be wearing the ugliest suit ever, I suppose it's OK since it was for the World Cup. He also dyed his beard yellow and green. It would be hard to stomach this picture if not for the woman's solid clothing and accessory choices.


Chile definitely wins the award for most raucous fans. Men, women, and children alike all rushed the Maracana and trashed its media center prior to the Chile-Spain game, and nobody knows why.


It doesn't get much better than this. Robyn van Persie, the Netherlands captain, gave his captain's armband to a fan he decided should be the new captain. The fan kissed van Persie's hand and probably the sweaty armband many times more.


Got to give it up for these fans. Not much was going right for their team and their faces properly showed that. But the ability to go from depression to ecstasy in a split second? That takes talent.

Group C


The Colombia fans are full spirit and imagination. From flipping off and hating referees to trolling Uruguay and Luis Suarez, there is nothing they can't do.


(Clive Rose, Getty Images)


Quite simply, nothing is as Greek as dressing up in bedsheets to support your country.

Ivory Coast

This man's props, complete body paint and commitment to character give him a serious leg up on the competition.



I have absolutely no idea what the Japanese fans are wearing on their heads, and they look hysterical (in a good way).


What makes the Japanese fans especially lovable, though, besides their ridiculous costumes, is that they cleaned up after themselves after games.


Group D

Costa Rica

This fan weeped and showed the world his true love for his country's team. He also showed the world a nice glob of spit.


I can't tell who is sadder here, the human fan, or Shrek. Either way they are both superb fans.


This Italy fan dressed up like Jesus, and then offered up a bid for some luck.

What he didn't know is that Jesus quickly took him up on that offer, proving to be the best Italy fan there ever was, or will be.


This guy might be the creepiest fan ever. Yes, it is funny that he is trolling his own country's Luis Suarez, but he took it way too far.


(Jamie Squire, Getty Images)

Group E


These Ecuador fans are special, because they fit way more people into a van than they should have, presumably to get to a game.


This young fan identified so much with his country's mascot (a rooster) that he decided to befriend one and bring it to the game with him.

Even more impressive, is that the esteemed Power Rangers from way back decided to pull for the French side.


This Honduras fan is a winner because she manages to sport two flags at the same time without looking like a fool. Respect.


These fans know how to dress to a game. Switzerland's team name is not "the cheese", but these fans think it should be.

Group F


Argentina fans cry when they win.

And they cry when they lose. Fact: they care a lot about soccer. In the loss to Germany in the final, this fan was crying, looked up and saw the stadium screen, and cried some more.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

What I see here is simply a group of shirtless guys having a good time celebrating their country's first appearance in the World Cup. The train conductor hats in the country's colors is a nice touch.

And apparently, Bosnians (at least the guys) taking off their shirts seemed to be the norm in Brazil. If you like taking off your clothing at public events, you should vote for Bosnia.


If you wait until the end of the video you will see two things. The first is a subpar peace sign, the second is a fans attempt at cheering-redemption. He absolutely kills it.

While the Iranian fan on the left looks only slightly above average, he is actually winning at everything. Yes, the face paint and scarf are a nice touch, but the fact that this man steals the spotlight in this picture and blocks out virtually every Argentine fan is impressive.


These guy are exceptionally passionate. "F%#K face paint," they said, and decided to paint their chests as well. Something tells me that if they could have, they would've showed up to the game nude with their entire lower bodies painted too.

Then there is this guy, who is such an intense fan that he probably rubbed himself bald in frustration over the years.


Group G


If you want to see Germany's reaction to winning the World Cup, head here.

This young fan is absolutely crazy for German soccer. And this picture is from the Algerian game before it even started. I would have liked to see him after the Brazil and Argentina games.


Sorry Italy, but in the end it seems that Jesus chose Germany.


No, this fan did not shake his head really slowly, it was another one of FIFA's thousand slow motion fan shots. Still, this dreadlocks-shake is epic.




Portugal did not have the best World Cup outing. This dog, though, didn't seem to mind and celebrated Varela's tying goal against the US with a ton of excitement.


After being dead for 95 years, past president Teddy Roosevelt decided, to reincarnate himself for the sake of his country, to cheer it on at the World Cup. That is dedication and patriotism to the highest degree.

Joining him in Brazil was Uncle Sam, who, like Teddy, seemed to have gotten a bit younger. He wants YOU to cheer for your country.

Group H


This fan has been dubbed "Fezman" and he wants your vote.



While this Belgian might not win the best fan award, she did win a contract with L'Oreal after a picture of her at the world cup went viral. Unfortunately for her the contract was terminated shortly thereafter when she uploaded a picture next to her kill from a hunt.


I have no idea what these guys are wearing, but it looks very Russian so they made the list.

South Korea

Though the all-star fan cannot be seen, he deserves heavy accolades for what his service. When his fellow countryman decided there were things more important than soccer, the all-star stepped in and reminded him that his team was playing.